Monday, March 30, 2020

Improvisational teaching

The teachers are having to find whole new ways to go about all this. Last week Léon's Danish teacher simply asked them all to write a two page essay on any topic they wanted. It sounded like a bit of an easy and fairly boring task. Léon is male and fourteen so we got screeds about some guy's adventures in his pastel yellow vintage Porsche. We didn't think much about it till today - hand-in day. But Claus didn't want it handed in! Boring task, can't even be bothered to mark it - that's not like Claus, who is usually a much-loved and inspiring teacher...

We should have guessed. They have now been informed that they have been paired off with another pupil in their class, and asked to Skype that classmate tonight at bed time and read it to them as a good night story, tomorrow the other kid is to phone Léon and do the same, then they are to move on, like a progressive dance, to the next one. So he's got them all writing, reading, listening, staying in touch as a class and with friends. I had my doubts as to whether that was cool or not, but Léon's away through to do it now, very excited at the prospect of being allowed to stay in touch. Genius!

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