Monday, March 30, 2020

Hair under lock down

Several weeks into lock down, I am seeing mass hysteria online - not, surprisingly, because of the death toll, but more amongst women around my age who have suddenly realised their hairdresser is shut indefinitely and they're going to have to go grey! I had been toying with hair dye recently but given I still only have a few grey hairs, I hadn't got round to it yet - phew!

But even if I did, I think we're a resourceful enough bunch...

On Thursday Amaia decided this was the optimum week to go from waist-length hair to a bob - immaculate timing! But nothing a wee ten minutes on YouTube couldn't resolve...

I think this decision has a lot to do with school being off. Normally I make her brush he hair before she goes for the bus every morning, but getting straight from bed to the google meet class in the mornings has meant she's likely skipped brushing a few times, making it almost impossible to run the comb through now. All in all I think Amaia's hair has been the first local victim of the infamous Corona virus.

Léon has been kicking himself since this all came to a head. He had fully intended to go to the hairdresser the two weekends before this all kicked off but he didn't quite get there. He has been terrified of letting us loose on his outrageously thick hair since we scalped him (accidentally) several times as a small child! But it was really getting out of hand. 
He finally cracked on Saturday, when the front reached fully 2cm below his eyes, and was pleasantly surprised with Thomas's attempt! Here's a before and after...

Feeling on a roll, we decided to go for three, so I chopped Thomas, which was quite successful - no need to work on a comb over, then he decided to ditch his beard for summer, which Anna and I aren't so sure about, but maybe he thinks we're in for a hot one, fingers crossed.

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