Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Home-owner once again

Looks like we've bought ourselves a wee house πŸ˜€ It comes with its own spare field (for the campers amongst you - though Thomas is muttering something about having always wanted his own vineyard!) and mature orchard and is 2km from the girls' school and 3km from LΓ©on's.

Here's the schedule: https://www.edc.dk/alle-boliger/veflinge/5474/rug%C3%A5rdsvej-821/?sagsnr=54702033
And a video: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=M9KgFK1B5Q4

At the moment it has a big garage (75m2) but given it also has a couple of barns in the back field we can use for things like bikes, tools, BBQs chest freezers and similar, we're going to stick three more rooms in there so were have plenty visitor space for all the family and friends we and our kids have invited over 😊

And it is all just in time - we found out when we were signing the paperwork that in Denmark you need to be resident for over five years to buy property unless you are an EU citizen - another perk we're losing - but I might just have got in there by the skin of my teeth.

I'll be boring you all with photos as soon as we get the keys. How about that turret though - I've always wanted my own turret!πŸ˜‚

Oh this is interesting: I knew it was originally a farmhouse that had been converted by the builder who currently owns it, but I didn't think I'd manage to find a photo of it in its original state on the Internet. How sweet... it was so tiny, with a thatched roof no less - awwwwh.

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