Monday, September 17, 2012

Why mum won't be renewing with Sheilas' Wheels

Mum's car is currently insured with the company Sheilas' Wheels. They sent her through a renewal last week telling her to check the details were ok before she signed up to renew her policy. She noticed dad was a named driver on her insurance. Figuring it was a bit silly to pay extra for that, she rang and told them the policy needed updating since his death a few months ago. They said they'd send her out an amended policy. It arrived a few days later and they'd added £25 (to a policy that only cost £140 in the first place). She rang up to query it. She got 'Calvin', a young and enthusiastic call centre worker who has been taught exactly how they want their customers treated.

'Good afternoon madam, can I help you?'
'Yes, you seem to have added £25 to my policy and all I have done since your quote is remove my husband from the policy'
'Yes that's right, you get a discount for adding a named driver, by taking him off you don't qualify any more. Are you sure you want him removed?'
'He just died'
'Oh, I see, and will you be replacing him?'
'Will you be replacing your husband?'
'I said he died. You are the company that claims 'Insurance designed with women in mind' and you slap a penalty on a woman's policy for her husband dying? and then you ask if I'm going to replace him?'
'Sorry there's nothing I can do about that'
'So you are going to lose my custom for the sake of £25?'
'I guess so. Is there anything else I can do for you today Mrs Buchanan?'
'Apparently not'
'Ok, have a nice day!'
'Sorry? HAVE A NICE DAY???? I have just told you my husband of fifty years has just died and you slap a penalty on my policy and tell me to have a nice day?!?!?'

End of conversation. 

In retrospect, I guess mum could just have left him on - it's not like he was ever going to have an accident anyway. But isn't that an incredible conversation? I certainly won't be asking them for a quote if they think that's acceptable, I don't know about you?

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