Sunday, September 02, 2012

Sharp knives

I was cutting cabbage tonight to make chicken fried rice, Anna was standing on a stool watching me. I was using Thomas's beautiful global knives. (Even if I hadn't fancied him, his global knives might have been enough to make me marry him! ;-) ) Anyway, Anna picked up the large chopping knife. I told her to be careful and put it down. She started to question me:

Is it sharp enough to cut off my pinkie? she asked
Yes, I replied
What about my thumb? she continued
Yes, they are sharp enough to cut off your arm, I said pointing at her wrist
She then pointed at her throat - If I sawed hard enough, would it be able to chop my head off?
Yes, of course, I told her, trying to sound very serious, so she would never play with my knives.
But her reply broke my seriousness in one fell swoop: That would be a pain! With my head off, I wouldn't be able to see where I was going!

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