Saturday, September 08, 2012

Cute... but problematic

My mum bought this for Anna's Xmas last year. It is adorably soft, smells lovely and is exactly what you want to be hugging in bed at night if you are four. It has however, just today, prompted me to write my first ever Amazon product review! The issue is that it is filled with edible grains - wheat kernels as far as I can see. With five kids, and ten friends running in and out my door daily, someone occasionally leaves it open - in autumn that means the odd mouse manages to get in. On average we have maybe two mice every autumn. This year we've already found five - I was puzzled. The kids have been threatened with death if they leave a door open, so where were they all coming from? It turns out one had gnawed into this and was feasting itself and its whole family on the contents. The bedroom is filthy and now being steam-cleaned and the dinosaur is in bits in the outside bin. On telling Lots who has the polar bear version - I saw her quickly shoot out to the outside bin holding hers at arm's length as if it was a bomb that was about to go off! It looks like I'm going to be replacing all our microwave heaters with old-fashioned hot water ones. They may be cute but they are definitely not worth the hassle.

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