Monday, October 24, 2011


Much as I love having my mobile phone in my pocket for snapping the odd amusing sign I want to blog and the likes, I despair in the quality of these things. Indoors, they are close to hopeless, even the 5 Megapixel ones, usually because the flash is so dire and outside they are just about passable.

I find it interestingly ironic that my teenage years were documented by me with my heavy old cumbersome SLR Exakta and later SLR Ricoh so are quite clear but today's teenagers are relying exclusively on these poor quality but handy gadgets. Most kids no longer own cameras, opting for these instead. Marcel has even (very occasionally) had the audacity to claim they are no worse than my DSLR! (Rofl as they say in his speak) I am often shocked at the fuzzy, blurred rubbish he and his friends upload to facebook.

As Marcel's kids flick through old albums (online) they may find it odd that the pictures of their grandmother as a 15 year old are of much better quality than those of their father at the same age!


Sebastian said...

Sig mig - dit gamle Exakta - var det Ihagees Exakta? eller var det det nyere japanske?

Var det det tyske - har du det så endnu?

Anede Thomas, at det var det, jeg brugte i mange år?

Phyl said...

I had this one:

Phyl said...

(with the screw pentax mount)

Sebastian said...

Ok, det var så det nyere japanske - jeg har af det gamle østtyske.

Andrea Fox said...

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Jennifer Swift said...

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