Friday, October 14, 2011


Thomas has been in Denmark for a week, so I have been gorging myself on ymer and ymerdrys for breakfast since he returned... but, woe is me, the ymer is going to run out tomorrow and I still have a huge bag of ymerdrys. Suddenly it got me to thinking, surely Denmark can't be the only country that sells ymer (it's a thick soured yogurt product). So I wonder if anyone out there has a recipe for home-made ymer?


Thomas Widmann said...

I don't think you can. :-(

Ymer was only invented in the 1930s, so I think it's an industrial products that cannot easily be made at home.

Tykmælk, on the other hand, is supposedly easy to make yourself.

Phyl said...

And can Tykmælk be eaten with ymerdrys?