Monday, January 24, 2011


I blogged back at the end of last year about the positives of this recession. (Can it still be called a mere recession - maybe financial meltdown would be closer to the mark?) I may have mentioned that in place of hundreds spent on the kids of previous Xmases, I managed about that much on them all together. By buying used jigsaws and the likes on ebay I still managed to give them all a decent number of gifts and they were all thrilled, as young kids always are, but I was reminded this week of something even more precious. Even with no money, all kids need to be happy is love and imagination. Anna and Léon have spent the best part of the last week sitting in this boat/submarine/bed/aeroplane and are as happy as Larry, so come their birthdays, if the economy still hasn't picked up, I know they're going to be just fine!

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