Monday, January 10, 2011


I know you probably haven't been able to sleep wondering about my old Italian address! ;-) Well the mystery has finally been solved! I did go into the loft as I had suggested to look through old letters but everything I found was for my second Italian address. Needless to say that provoked even more ribbing and Thomas and Marcel took great delight over the last eighteen months telling me I had only ever imagined living in Perugia.
So there I was tidying up around the house on Saturday when I noticed the big red tube that contains my Glasgow University degree sitting on a shelf. It has been there all the time but I don't tend to look at it - I know what degree I have, so I don't need to. Anyway I took it down and thought I'd have a wee nostalgic peek. I pulled out the rolled-up parchment and found not only my UK degree certificate but also my certificate from the Università per Stranieri di Perugia and inside that, rolled up and somewhat faded, my Italian residence permit (yes you needed a residence permit inside Europe back in the distant 80s!) stating my place of residence as Via della Viola 41!!!
I am one happy bunny :-) Marcel and Thomas are somewhat deflated however!

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