Tuesday, January 11, 2011


You'd think that by number five, they wouldn't be able to outsmart you but when it comes to medicine Amaia has us well and truly beaten. Fortunately she is seldom ill because getting medicine into her is impossible. We've tried the usual methods of coaxing, coercing, pinning down, mixing with food, drink, wrapping her in a towel and tickling her - but all to no avail. Last time she got a chest infection it took Thomas, Marcel and I a whole hour to administer each of the three daily doses of 5ml of amoxicillin. First she'd clamp her jaws, then she'd try flailing arms, if we did manage to approach her mouth she stuck her tongue fully out and finally if all else failed she'd accept it all into her mouth then spray spit it all over the room staining all three of us and the walls in the process, screaming her outrage. Don't get me wrong, this isn't a taste issue, merely a control one. If I leave a spoon on her high chair with a drip on it, she will happily pick it up and lick it, but not if she doesn't want to, so getting 15ml into her a day takes all day. Also given your are meant to finish a whole course of antibiotics to make sure it works, having 75% of each dose land on your head and drip from your fringe doesn't exactly inspire confidence. When she has a temperature, no matter how high, we go through the same thing with both calpol and nurofen. She drives me to distraction. I can't wait till she is old enough to be bribed! Anyway last week she needed some oral medicine again for an ear infection. I felt like crying when I heard because of the emotional strain trying to medicate her puts on me! Fortunately when I mentioned our problems to my friendly doc, he came up with a stronger version of amoxicillin which meant she only needed to be given three 1ml doses a day. What a relief! 1ml is a manageable amount and very little has hit my ceiling this time. So if you too have a medicine terrorist at home, do bear this solution in mind.

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