Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Every time I turn on the TV or radio I hear people arguing about whether the government should or shouldn't ban or tax bankers' bonuses. The same arguments go round and round: we own the banks, let us vote on it, they work hard and deserve the bonuses, they caused the recession, let them burn in hell and so on. One argument I have never heard but which interests me as the custodial parent after a divorce is why these people are allowed by law to receive half their salary every year as a bonus? The reason this interests me greatly is because my ex-husband, who is not a banker but who works for an IT company who give large half-yearly bonuses instead of salary, manages completely legally to pay me around 8% of his salary in maintenance towards the upkeep of our kids instead of the 18% recommended on the CSA website, that I presume he would be forced to pay if his salary was paid as salary instead of in bonuses and perks. So I guess the bankers aren't just doing all of us but any divorced ones are legally doing their kids too.

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