Thursday, December 11, 2008


When we started cutting down Pudge's intake of my milk shortly after his first birthday, we quickly found out
that he thought formula was about as appealing as liquidized toads. Who could blame him?! Have you ever tasted the stuff? We discovered he loved ASDA 5% fat breakfast milk. He drank that during the day and my milk at bedtime from 14 to 22 months, when he went onto normal full fat cows' milk.
I didn't particularly want to start Anna down that path yet but as you've heard over and over she's a bit of a grinder and my boobs are taking a pounding with her.
So here I am with another wee problem - yeah you can match the baby to the boob using only dental records - so I went to ASDA today for some breakfast milk. They don't sell it any more! What am I to do???

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