Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Charlotte is a very down to earth practical child. We were out shopping the other day and we passed Starbucks.
I think they should change the spelling of coffee she said. Why would you want that? I asked. Well if they just spelled it ccooffee then you wouldn't have to remember which of the letters were doubled! Can you imagine if they put her in charge of an English spelling reform one day?! By the end of the day English might look like Finnish!


The Scudder said...

This one is still so special ,,
She "sees" things and she hears that different drummer's beat .,,. and she's NEVER deflected !
That's the unique part of her ,.,. her FOCUS ?
She should form a "Ccoommiittee for the sseeiinngg & hheeaarriinngg of Ddiiffeerreenntt Ddrruummeerrss"

Sebastian said...

Finnerne og nogle andre staver jo stort set, som de taler i modsætning til alle os andre, der staver ganske anderledes - måske ikke så dumt at gøre som finnnerne?