Thursday, December 04, 2008


We had one when I was a kid. The B&Bs we visited on holiday in the early 70s had them too. I probably last saw a toast rack about 33 years ago. A few months back Thomas insisted we needed a toast rack. I had no idea why but he does like his kitchen stuff so I humoured him. But he was right! Instead of two crispy pieces of toast with a soggy pile underneath on a plate at breakfast as we usually have for six at the weekends, we now each have a beautifully crispy slice or two. Who'd have believed it?


The Scudder said...

We've had one sitting in the kitchen for the last ,..,
oh 10-years !
You pass by it regularly ,.,. :o(
Admittedly it rarely has toast in it but it does sometimes !!
Maybe you need to wear your Specs for more than just reading ?

Unknown said...

I remember the B&Bs in the 70s -- we had many a happy family holiday in B&Bs with toast racks like that and tomato ketchup in big plastic tomatoes and batty old ladies who lived there permanently and strict rules about using the bath and brown sheets and big sugar jars with a hole in the top and cornflakes in tuppaware tubs ...

Phyl said...

I'd forgotten about the big plastic tomatoes! Thanks for the memories Rob!