Saturday, December 27, 2008


I now know why you should celebrate Xmas on Xmas Eve! It is because when you come down en masse with a vomiting bug on Xmas day at 3am, then you have already had the nice meal and seen your kids open their presents. As it was, we had a smaller nice meal on Xmas Eve, danced round the tree and received the Danish presents but had left everything we were getting from Scottish relatives and friends and the main meal for Xmas day. Thomas started vomiting at 1am and Marcel and I caught up with him at 3am and 4am respectively. By 11am on Xmas morning Marcel, being a child, was back to ok. Thomas and I were close to death. The kids came down and asked if they could open their gifts without us and for the first time in my life I could not get out of bed with my camera. By the time we got up at 4-50pm all the presents had been opened and played with. I have no idea who bought them what. For example they were playing with a fun froggy bubble machine in the bathroom - it could have been from Carol, or Amanda or various others - and I don't know which of the kids received it but thanks anyway - whoever it was!

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