Monday, December 29, 2008


Anna's spork
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Sometimes Charlotte is incredibly sharp. She understands things way beyond her maturity and schooling. Other times Charlotte completely astounds you with her lack of common sense.
In Denmark when babies are christened they often receive engraved silver spoons. Because Anna is not christened, her grandmother brought her a set of engraved silver spoons from Denmark for her first birthday. None of my other kids have engraved silver spoons.
A day or two after Anna's birthday, Charlotte was admiring her spoon. She suddenly stopped dead in her tracks. It says Anna Bridget on Anna's spoon mum - isn't that amazing to find a spoon with Anna Bridget on it? she commented, I was about to reply, though was lost for words at her stupidity, when she flipped the spoon over and squealed in shock - Mum looooook - it says 19-12-07 on it - imagine that - finding a spoon with Anna's name and birthday on it!!!! That shop must have had a hell of a lot of spoons in it! What could I say???? Amazing?

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