Wednesday, December 17, 2008


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Léon is on antibiotics for a delicate little infection on the tip of his manhood. No problem there but I am having a real problem with the instructions on the bottle. It says give 4 times a day on an empty stomach and don't eat till an hour after each dose. So he gets up around 9am, his stomach is empty then of course but he hits the breakfast seat within three steps of bed so there's no way I can give him the first dose then as he's too hungry to wait an hour for brekkie. Straight after breakfast at 9-15 is also out because his stomach is no longer empty. We have to make lunch at 12 because of nursery so 11am is the only window for the first dose. He comes home from nursery around 3-45. He can just about have a dose then because he's had a snack at 2-45, and can hold out till 4-45 before I give him something else. Dinner is 6-30 so that rules out 5-30 to 7-30 for dose 3, and he goes to bed just after 8 so I am lucky if I get in dose 3, let alone 4. I wonder if having a dose too few is the worst evil or if taking it on a full stomach is the big no no? Maybe I should waken him up in the night for one as it's about the only time he isn't eating!

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