Friday, October 06, 2006


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Well Pudge and I are getting excited (he doesn't know he is yet but I'm sure he should be!) 14 hours till we check in, just rang the hotel and they have heard of me and wonder if Pudge wants a crib and somewhere to store his stroller and diapers - hmm this is going to be a challenge, not trying to understand them but having them understand me - it seems baby vocabulary is amongst the most altered between UK and US English - it'll be fun!
We'll need to try some pancakes in a diner tomorrow morning before heading up the Empire State building, while fondly remembering
Colin Bateman. And we'll see what we fancy after that, within reason of course, as my mommy doesn't want me out in the dark in the big city, but that's a whole other story that I'm still waiting to hear if she'll allow me to blog! ;-)

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Sebastian said...

Are you just telling me, that you are in US?
Have a nice trip then. And remember to by some Macs ;-)