Sunday, October 15, 2006


Ok, Pudge is out of the woods now so I can return to the pressing subject of New York, although I can't stick photos on my blog for now :-( as my beloved computer (with the NY photos on it) is in for repair at the moment. So here are the words, check back later for any accompanying pics.

The first thing that struck me last Saturday as I boarded the Boeing 757 was the number of crazy people, of which I am one, there are in this world. Most people knew I was going to New York for a long weekend and as I have spent at least the last 20 years going on and on ad nauseam about visiting my beloved New York, they probably assumed I was flying there to visit New York, which of course I was but the reason for the specific timing was of course the Barbra Streisand concert in Madison Square Garden. I guess very few, even of my closest friends knew I was crazy enough to fly intercontinentally just for a concert! I had queued and missed out on tickets for her Wembley gig in 1994, so had vowed to attend her next concert, but of course she next sang on 31-12-99 in California when I was not only in bed with flu but was also 9 months pregnant with Lotsie :-( That day I vowed that if she ever sang again in public I would attend even if I had to fly across the world to do so. Most of my family nodded sweetly, no doubt assuming I was just letting of steam, but...
I meant it! And so I boarded the 757 alone with my tiny baby under my arm feeling just a little silly but also very exhilarated. To my astonishment I heard from about 2 rows behind me a woman's voice saying 'I hope the seats are good because I bought expensive ones, but you aren't going to fly all that way and not be able to see the stage'. I smiled and thought, hey I am not the only nutter in this world but like a stack of dominoes it suddenly went round the plane, row after row quizzing each other ' Are you flying over to see Barbra too?' So I happily joined the Babs fanclub in the sky all flying intercontinentally to hear that voice just once before it went into retirement and boy was it worth it! :-)

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