Monday, October 16, 2006


Pudge eating chocolate
Originally uploaded by viralbus.
On Saturday I had to go into town to put my laptop in for repair. All the way the kids moaned about how far they had to walk, how boring walking in town was etcetc...until and old man stopped me in Buchanan Street and asked in that time-old Glaswegian fashion 'Are they weans yours, hen?' When I replied 'yes' he proceeded to explain that kids were receiving free trial chocolate bars behind St Enoch tube station. Suddenly a walk in town was the best possible pastime for a Saturday afternoon. They returned at least 3 times, removing hats, and jackets in a pitiful attempt at disguise to receive extra free chocolate! Even Pudge joined in the fun :-) And tried to regain a few calories lost over the 4 days of his illness...(Was it really only four days???)

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