Thursday, October 12, 2006


I rushed back from New York on the Tuesday flight with a list of at least 15 topics jotted on little pieces of paper to blog the minute I got through the door. I'd had the most amazing time and wanted to tell the whole world why New York is the best place on the planet! However little Léon had other ideas :-(
During the overnight flight the 3 little spots I had noticed on his arm at 1pm in New York had turned into a little blotching, but enough that I decided to take him to my GP who said it looked like an allergic reaction to some unknown substance or food. By 8pm though when I went to change his nappy the slight blotching had become an angry red mass and between the blotches his entire torso was covered in bruises that made him look like he had been kicked around the room. In complete panic I threw him in the car and drove to casualty where 7 hours later they were still calling it a severe allergic reaction to substances unknown, though at least they had confirmed his blood pressure, oxygen count, and internal organs were all functioning normally. So no time to blog NY for now - but watch this space for Léon updates and all my NY posts when Léon is finally out of the woods.

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