Friday, October 06, 2006


Tomorrow sees the clash of the century, that my poor kids didn't manage to get tickets for :-(
Scotland take on France in a qualifier for Euro 2008. So for anyone who is interested in betting, I have it from my kids that the score is going to be: 6-0 to France (Marcel), or 3-2 to France (Charlotte). Let's see if their predictions are any better than for the World Cup Final?


The Scudder said...

Rubbish ! And more rubbish ,,
Tell your weans they aren't coming here to watch the game unless they ,,
a) support SCOTLAND ,,,
b) revise their bloody score predictions !
Their father may support France but only if he's well outnumbered !

Thomas Widmann said...

It seems to me you've missed out on some of the more interesting games today, such as Denmark vs. Northern Ireland (I hope the loss of Thomas Gravesen won't affect us too much), Germany vs. Georgia (being half German, but having studied in Tbilisi in Georgia, I find my loyalities tested here), and the Faroe Islands vs. Lithuania (since the Faroes are still more or less a part of Denmark, I tend to support them except when they're playing Denmark).
As for Scotland vs. France, given that Scotland is heading its qualifying group, surely there can be no doubt about the winner...

Thomas Widmann said...

That was incredible – Scotland actually beat France! But Denmark only managed a draw again NI, and the Faroes lost. :-(