Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Last night I dreamt of New York - big whoop I hear you cry! When I was really there I only used surface transport because alone with a baby in a buggy going downstairs to the subway was a hassle and of course not only had I already seen the tube on TV often enough but I knew I wouldn't pass any fancy touristy buildings down there. So I left it on my 'to do next time' list. So last night in my dream I seemed to be alone, Pudgeless even this time in NY city. Thomas had lent me his DSLR and I was taking photos of vagrants etc in the subway tunnels and stations. In one station I got off a train and there were a pile of 6-8 horses asleep on the platform, their brown hair gleaming in the light. I am not a great horse fan but I am sure I got some superb photos of those horses sleeping on the platform! (Pity I didn't upload it before I woke up ;-) ) Eventually in one station I met a little African looking girl - she looked about 3 and seemed to be alone and homeless with beautiful brown eyes and very big hair. Naturally I picked her up and sat her on my hip, and took her with me on my travels. I guess you don't need to be a superstar in your dreams to adopt a needy, homeless child!

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