Tuesday, October 17, 2006


You have to feel a tiny bit apprehensive when you are faced by 14 hours on a plane in 4 days with a baby sitting on your knee. A baby who doesn't have his own seat in the plane and who would much rather get down and crawl and play with toys etc. So I take my hat off to my flying perfect angel who sat happily all 14 hours, sleeping some of the hours and playing and looking out the window the other few, but without even one minute of distress, upset or boredom. On both flights the unlucky passenger who had been assigned the seat beside me looked suitably horrified on discovering that they would be sitting beside a toddler for 7 or 8 hours. By half way through the flight their horror had turned to mild praise for his behaviour and that again had turned to inspired congratulations, mixed with more than a little surprise by touchdown each time. Pudge was a true ambassador for the flying tiny people of the world. Well done Pudge (or should that be 'Way to go!'?)

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