Thursday, September 03, 2020

Slavic supermarket

Ever since Thomas spent a year at the university of Tbilisi learning Georgian or should I say 'სწავლობდა ქართულ ენას' in his early twenties, he's been really into Georgian wine. The only issue being that the only place we've ever found it was in a supermarket in Latvia when we were on holiday in 2006, and a restaurant in Paris a couple of years later!

That was until last Sunday! We had actually set out looking for a Polish supermarket because we missed our trips to the Polish corner in Thornliebank, before Brexit made them decide to close up for good a couple of years ago, much to our dismay. I'd got used to my Sałatka Polska, Thomas loved the sausage selection and Léon would happily have turned into a Polish dumpling, if we'd let him. 

We were directed by Google maps to a back street in an Odense housing estate to a place called Eurodeli, which turned out not only to be a Polish supermarket, but more an Aladdin's cave of mainly Slavic wares from all over Eastern Europe, culminating in a booze section that not only had a Georgian wine but a whole shelf full of them! I expect it might become a home from home, if I let him loose in the city alone!

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