Wednesday, June 05, 2019

Love to travel

I've been a traveller much longer than I have travelled...

From the first time I heard a foreign language, I knew I needed to escape the island where I was born and see other cultures, climates, people - over and over again. And although the travelling itself can get tiring the older you get and the more small people you have in tow, there are still few things I love more than the people-watching involved in international ports and airports.

When I left the UK on Sunday, I couldn't help but smile quietly when I found myself behind a bloke checking in on the Venice flight wearing a jacket covered in different dinosaurs and pizza slices! Where do you even buy something like that! (Excuse the near-bum shot, he bent over as I took it!) Isn't the world just a wonderful mix of individuality? I just love how different we all are!

Omg, I actually found it online. Lol. 

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