Monday, September 01, 2014

Too wee to remember

I was talking the other week about how the two or three youngest children would have very few memories of Denmark and their grandparents' manse because they came along just as they retired.

Tonight Léon was doing his homework and one of the words he had to write a sentence about was 'pray'. He wrote down 'My Danish granny likes to pray because she used to be a minister'. He read it out, and Anna looked completely blank. 'Farmor used to be a minister????' she asked, really surprised. 'I always thought she just wrote dictionaries like everyone else in the family and she just tells us about religion because she likes god!' I guess it is hardly surprising given Anna was last in the manse when she was eleven months old, but it is odd to think she doesn't know that side of her grandmother at all. As we are not religious as a family, that topic rarely comes up. To Anna, Brita is more a lady who lives in the Tuscan hills tending her roses, than a Church of Denmark minister!

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