Thursday, May 15, 2014

One of those conversations

The three smallest kids currently share the biggest bedroom (as the master bedroom has been turned into the home office). As they are getting bigger, they are taking up more space and have more things. The chaos is becoming overwhelming. ( I need to get a DIY book on how to build your own extension!)

They'd been off for two weeks over Easter and every toy each of them possessed was strewn across the floor. Amaia's chest of drawers is in the far corner of the room but I couldn't even see a path to it as I went to put the washing away. I'd had enough. I snapped.

'I want this floor tidied now! I want a pathway cleared from here to the window before anyone goes out to play today!' I stormed out and downstairs to our room. I was sitting on the bed when I heard Thomas (who hadn't overheard our chat) enter their room. I heard him tell them in Danish that their room was a pigsty and that we wouldn't be doing anything fun until there was no longer a single toy on the floor and everything was back in each of their three toy boxes.

Anna then came out with a classic 'Well mummy said we only needed to clear a pathway, not clear the whole floor and since mummy is older than you she must be the boss so I think we only need to clear a path!' I'm not sure that was the best way to endear herself to either of her parents!

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