Saturday, May 17, 2014

Inside the mind of a 6 year old girl

Inspired by something they found on Youtube, Anna and Amaia have taken recently to using Play-Doh to make outfits, shoes and accessories for their dolls. Given Lots never had a Barbie (she'd threatened anyone who bought her one with a painful death), this whole Barbie role play is a fascinating new experience to me.

I was pottering about the hall and could hear Anna and her friend Emma playing with Barbies in the dining room. I'm not sure what the conversation I overheard says about what kind of teenager Anna is one day going to be!

Anna: 'Emma, pretend this Barbie's boyfriend is coming over to visit her. Let's say she's invited him over to have a bath with her! She might not want him to see her privates when she's in the bath, so you make her a bikini, Emma!'


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