Saturday, May 24, 2014

Glasgow School of Art fire

It just so happened today that I was in Glasgow with my DSLR when I heard about the GSA fire so I dragged all the four kids I had with me along.

I've always loved the art school - my first trip round it was with my school back around '84 and of course I've had friends study there while I was at Glasgow uni. Most recently Thomas and I first lived together in Rose street and for that reason all of Garenthill feels a bit special to our own story. It was hard not to be moved to tears today watching the windows blow out as the flames took hold of the roof. And everywhere many, many young people were walking around with tears streaming down their faces, their hands clutched to their mouths in shock. Others sat resigned on the pavement in the sunshine drinking beer in complete silence.

It seems 70% of it has been saved which seems beyond belief given what we witnessed first hand. 

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