Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Whitelee windfarm

The visibility today up at Whitelee was great - here clear as day in the background is Arran - 60 miles away.
Ailsa Craig (aka the Dumpling) and the sea were also easily distinguishable. It was just a breathtakingly beautiful day for a walk up there. If only the kids had been a wee bit bigger, I could happily have walked around there all day. It was so peaceful, alone just with the whoosh of the 'windows' as Amaia calls them.

I must say the sky was impressive too. I love this b&w shot I took. The windmills look like menacing giants after my little Amaia!

It is the first time I have made it up this year. Last Xmas I took dad. I love it there and had been desperate to get him up for a photoshoot as he'd never been and was always moaning about how ugly it must be. One day we woke up to snow and he managed to come along despite his illness. And once we got home he admitted he had actually enjoyed seeing the beasts on the landscape, in spite of himself. I will treasure that trip forever.

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