Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Ready for school

So, after a two-year consultation, East Renfrewshire's new uniform policy came into effect this morning.

For Marcel that meant the optional blazer, that he'd refused to wear for three years became compulsory. Apart from that he's going to have to tuck in his shirt and maybe push his tie up 3cm, but on the whole, it wasn't too different from before.

For Lots, it meant that the belt length skirts Marcel's contemporaries have been wearing for the last three years are outlawed - not that I think there would have been any chance Charlotte would have chosen a skirt shorter than the one she agreed on anyway! Coloured bras are now a no-no - again, even getting her into a white one has taken two years so that's no issue and she too is forced into the blazer, that she might not have gone for, although I suspect she might, given how well it hides her shirt and bra!

Now Léon and Anna are a whole other kettle of fish. As the only East Ren school to celebrate a 50th birthday last year, their head decided that to completely change the uniform to celebrate was a great idea. Firstly, changing it completely five years into a recession made me less than pleased given how many perfectly reusable poloshirts and sweatshirts I have in my loft that are now useless. Then making school jackets obligatory annoyed me as my kids have always worn their weekend jackets to school. But worst of all in my eyes was the choice of the old-fashioned shirt and tie, which however smart, just isn't comfortable or practical for lower-school kids. And ties, to my mind, are out of the ark and should be sent back there. Whereas most of the East Ren schools have made ties compulsory from p4 or p6 on, but we seen to have been particularly blessed in Kirkhill with the poor p1s forced to struggle with tiny buttons and ties :-(

I do think they look lovely in their little uniforms but on balance, I still would vote for the poloshirt and sweatshirt my others have been allowed to use.

I like my kids to look like kids, not shrunken, stilted executives...

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