Monday, August 27, 2012

Reasons why the jacket policy will fall over...

I was ranting a bit last week about the primary school's new jacket policy. It seems to me ten days in that the jacket policy is going to degenerate fairly quickly for two reasons. 

The first one, I had foreseen. The school only offers one winter jacket - a kind of shapeless navy anorak with the school badge on. The mums at the gate have been ranting since day one that they are unhappy to buy their daughters short jackets when the likes of Mark and Spencer are selling girls' navy winter coats in the same price range. The school jacket is short and ill-fitting, the M&S coats are stylish, longer and can be used on weekends too. So I had thought that the winter would force people to defy the new rule. 

However, there is another issue I'd overlooked. With six hundred kids all in the same jackets, the younger kids are already misplacing theirs. This morning two mums had put normal pink/red cagoules on their kids. They couldn't resort to their blazer because of the torrential rain but their kids had misplaced their school rain jacket last week and it hadn't turned up in lost property yet. It could be, of course, that they turn up this week, but if they don't, even parents who are willing to constantly replace rain jackets have to wait two months for a new uniform order each time, thus being forced to send their kids in in a non-school cagoule every rainy day till the order is filled. Once kids have spent two months out of the prescribed jacket, the parents will see that getting them back into it is pointless.

I have now decided I am not going to order the school winter jacket when I have perfectly good winter jackets in my loft. At most I may consider buying a sachet of navy dye... maybe.

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