Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Bilingual issues

A Clydeside walk by PhylB
A Clydeside walk, a photo by PhylB on Flickr.

Bilingualism can have amusing consequences. 

There's a Danish rhyme Thomas is forever singing to the kids that goes:

Hop, hop, hop, hop, 
Hop, hop, hop, hop, 
Ride, ride ranke
Hesten hedder Abildgrå 
Den skal Amaia ride på 
Ride, ride ranke

With Anna and Léon we had no particular issues, but Amaia has more difficulty with the Danish R sound so has taken to asking Thomas to sing it by shouting 'Daddy, can you sing Wanker, wanker!' 

The first time she says it in public, I swear I am going to laugh!

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