Saturday, July 28, 2012

One for the Danes

We've just been over in Italy, where like most hot countries, fresh milk is not easy to keep and UHT is omnipresent. Léon describes UHT as the kind of milk you have to hold your nose to drink because it tastes so awful. Anna and Amaia just refuse to drink it altogether. Given they like a cup of milk before bed, that left them with a dilemma. What to drink? Peter (my father-in-law) likes to drink sparkling mineral water. We never buy sparkling water except when Peter is around so the kids aren't used to it. Amaia decided Peter's sparkling water was an ok going-to-bed drink. Given she didn't know the word 'sparkling mineral water' she invented her own term for it 'colavand' (literally coca cola water). The whole family decided it was such a good description, we are now all calling sparkling mineral water 'colavand'.

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