Sunday, July 01, 2012


Amaia is more of an introvert than Anna. It isn't immediately obvious when she's surrounded by her family because she's the baby of the family so often plays cute and clowns about. When I take Anna into a stranger's house she often acts quite grown up - she asks questions, and she tries to engage them in conversation. Amaia used to be quiet but in the last month she's started covering her mouth whenever she's ill at ease or afraid. She doesn't do it momentarily though, she leaves her hands there until she's happy again!

I was recently invited to a Breast Cancer fund raiser at a friend's house. When I walked in she had approximately thirty friends in her kitchen eating cup cakes. Amaia was with me. She didn't cry or ask to be picked up, she simply clasped her mouth and remained motionless for the whole hour I was there. I had to laugh when one woman actually asked me 'Excuse me, is your baby going to be sick?'! I think I am going to have to work on her showing her introvert streak in a slightly less embarrassing manner!

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