Tuesday, July 03, 2012


I spent a lot of time in Besançon in the 80s. I've been back a few times since I moved away but not since 2004. It's funny, I nearly ended up living there. My ex worked there and had I not got the job as a lexicographer for Collins, I would have moved there in 1991, so it where I would have lived my adult life in some parallel dimension. The really, really ironic thing is that it wasn't the place that was wrong for me, but the person I lived there with. I loved the colours of the stones there, the river running round the old town and the beautiful nature all around. It smelled beautiful - flowers, river, sunshine, French bakers... It feels very odd to me that I have not been there since Thomas and I got together. It seems strangely as if I haven't taken him home yet to see where I came from, if that makes any sense! Maybe one day I can take my husband and my kids to my other home town and show them around.


Alan on the Southside said...

Where Victor Hugo was from! I have heard that it is a very nice area.

Phyl said...

I lived in the building he was born in! There was a large plaque on the outside wall of my house!