Monday, March 05, 2012

Moulin Rouge

Moulin Rouge is definitely one of those movies people either love or hate. When it came out - given its name, and my love of France, I suggested to my ex-husband that we should go and see it. He read the synopsis and refused! If it didn't have Arnie or Bruce, it wasn't going to be one of his movies!

Finally, when it came out on DVD, I hired it and sat down one Saturday night to watch it. He looked ill at ease at first, shifting in his seat, arms folded, lips drawn. By the time the third or fourth song came on, he simply turned it off and told me to watch it next time he was out! He was such a give and take kind of guy! ;-)

I watched it alone and enjoyed it. I thought nothing more about it. Many years later I was divorced and living with my new man. One evening he remarked how surprised he was, given my constant playing of music, that I had never suggested watching Moulin Rouge as it was one of his favourite films! It was a seriously heart-warming revelation! We bought ourselves it on Blu Ray as a wedding anniversary present once we married!

Last weekend, Marcel had been to visit his father (the ex) for the first time in a couple of months. He has Sky and Moulin Rouge was playing! He told me he'd put it on to see what it was. It was the moment of truth. What type of man is my son? So I asked if he'd loved or hated it (without giving him the background to the question). He tentatively started by saying that it was a bit odd and eccentric... I smiled and he admitted he'd absolutely loved it and was upset I didn't have Sky too because he'd happily have watched it again! I revealed we had it on the shelf in the TV room... he went through to watch it, muttering that he could not understand why his father had seemed so hostile to it when he'd chosen to watch it up there! I had to smile again!

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