Thursday, March 01, 2012

Just to make my life a little harder!

As if there wasn't enough on my plate...

With seven people in the household including a two-year old who thinks she's too old for bibs and two little ones who like mud quite a lot, I have a fair amount of washing to do in a week. I reckon I probably do about eight washing machine loads a week. Things do seem to have been getting worse recently. Then I got to the bottom of it.

Yesterday morning I washed all Amaia's things, tumbled them and put them away. I then sat down in the dining room for a coffee instead of at the back of the house as usual. You need to go through the dining room if you are trying to come from the upstairs in the house to the downstairs bathroom, living room or TV room. Amaia came in carrying two t-shirts I knew I'd put away in her drawer ten minutes earlier. They were still warm from being folded away. I observed her silently to see what she was up to...

The wee besom only went straight into the downstairs bathroom and put them into her laundry basket along with all her dirty clothes from bath time. I wonder how often she's done that?!

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