Thursday, March 01, 2012

How much did I miss you?

Imagine the scene... (I won't upload a photo for once - I don't have one, you'll be relieved to hear!)

Last Saturday, the three biggies had been away visiting my ex for two nights for the first time since Xmas. This meant enough time has passed that Amaia could no longer remember them ever being away from her. So she'd been moping all day.

At last, around dinner time Sunday the three burst in through the kitchen door. Amaia runs and hugs Léon, holding him tightly saying Putch, Putch, Putch. For some reason she calls him that. She then walks up to Lots who asks her for a hug. Amaia wants to show her she's angry at being abandoned so sticks her nose in the air but again after less than a minute is in her arms, hugging her and stroking her hair. Finally, Amaia looks for Marcel. But where has Marcel gone? She looks around and on passing the downstairs bathroom hears a noise. Silently she pushes the slightly open door and enters to find Marcel standing having a pee. He doesn't notice the intruder. She sneaks up behind him and throws her arms round his legs to hug him (while he's still peeing). She only comes up to his thighs. She exclaims ahhh, deeply happy to have her biggest brother back, but then instantly starts shaking her hands shouting yeuch as she's managed to soak them both in his stream of pee during her embrace! Poor Marcel has to stop peeing and deal with cleaning up his little sister before he's even got his jacket off!

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