Friday, June 04, 2010


 Bitsy and Teeny Troll Originally uploaded by PhylB
The empathy gene has kicked in! I was taking a bath with Anna and Amaia tonight as I often do. In fact Léon is also usually in there too! I long for a bath alone, without ducks, mermaids and boats! Anyway I was washing Anna's hair as usual. I soaped it up with one hand, holding Amaia with the other. She looked on, curious. I gave Anna a sponge to hold over her eyes and poured a pint of water over her head, again as always. Anna flinched and whimpered very slightly. Amaia started crying hysterically, though Anna wasn't crying! The same happened every time I rinsed Anna's hair. I ended up having to console Amaia for having washed Anna's hair! I can hardly wait till Amaia grows some too :-\

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