Monday, June 21, 2010


Anna has proved herself to be one of life's copers over the past three weeks. On the day her stookie was put on she sat on a chair in the garden and didn't move or play. By day two she was dragging it around the house bum-shuffling and by the third day she could roll and lower herself from the couch. The middle of the first week saw her develop the bravery to drag in along the patio outside on her bottom. Last Monday (day nine) she got out of bed and decided if it was going to be on for what I assume feels like forever in her timescale, then she'd just get on with it, so she got up and started walking. By Tuesday jumping, running round the garden and climbing had been added to her repertoire and I have to say today's shopping expedition in Glasgow which saw her walking unaided around shops in Sauchiehall street drew some funny looks, particularly in Primark when Brita was shopping for socks for Ursula and I actually found myself shouting Anna will you stop running, you have a broken leg! It will be interesting to see how she re-adapts to normality on Wednesday when it finally comes off.

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