Saturday, January 17, 2009


pink baby slippers
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Thomas and I are having a bit of a stand-off at the moment. A slipper stand-off.
I hate having cold feet, so October to April I will always put on socks and slippers, especially if I have to walk on the cold tiled floor or outside to take out the bin in the snow.
Thomas on the other hand seems to have no feeling beneath his knees. He happily takes the bins outside barefoot even in the snow. He walks around the tiled floors barefoot, moaning slightly about the temperature but looks at me as if I am insane if I suggest socks. The first thing he does when he comes in from work, whatever the weather, is discard his socks and shoes.
As you can imagine - sleeping in the same bed as him on a November day, when he's taken out the bins is bloody cold.
Now if he wants to torture himself, I have no problem with that, as long as he heats them up before coming anywhere near me in the dark.
The problem is Anna. I think we both mentally feel for her. If Thomas dresses her in warm trousers and a jumper and leaves he sitting barefoot on the floor I stick socks and slippers on her. He looks forlorn, as if I am committing child abuse. If I dress her, her socks and slippers often mysteriously disappear.
I guess we can't wait till she's big enough to tell us which of us is pissing her off big time.

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The Scudder said...

See youse intellectuals !
Ever think to just feel the wee soul's feet .,,. if they're freezing to the touch & blue and she smiles when you hold them in your warm hands, she's cauld and wants her socks on !
Times I think y'all leave your brains at the door when you enter Uni :)