Saturday, January 03, 2009


 Anna in her winter suit Originally uploaded by PhylB
It was very cold on Hogmanay. Anna's pink snowsuit was upstairs and I was in a rush to go out to ASDA. Pudge's blue tartan snowsuit was hanging on the coat-stand in the hall. Given it is a cosy blue tartan coat for a 12 month old, I stuck Anna in it, put on her hat and gloves and went shopping. I was pushing her through Marks and Spencer food department when a woman said to me as I passed: What a smiley little boy you have there! I presume she was assuming Anna was a boy because I had coloured coded her in blue. But interestingly she was wearing a bright pink hat and gloves, thus also coloured-coded as a girl. Is it the percentage of her body covered by blue compared to pink that led to the boy assumption, or is it that coats are more obviously a specific sex than hats, or are people just plain weird? Both my girls have happily worn this cosy blue suit in the winter without complaining to me once!

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Trine said...

People are just plain weird!

I brought Ellen with me to an appointment with my physical therapist and we met a lady in the waiting room. Ellen was dressed in a purple dress and stockings and the lady commented on how adorable HE was and asked HIS name. I replied that her name was Ellen, but I don't think she noticed.

We have inherited a lot of boys clothing, so often she looks like a boy, but when we take her out, we try to make her look like a girl - mostly on her fathers request. :)