Thursday, January 22, 2009


I went shopping in ASDA the other day. On my way home I did my 3 school/nursery runs. I left the bags of shopping on the kitchen floor and started work on something else. I forgot about them.
Thomas came home from work and I started cooking. I noticed the chicken, beef and ice cream were in the freezer, the cheese and milk in the fridge on the correct shelves. I found the cereal in the dining room on the Welsh dresser as always. The nappies were in the hall cupboard. Five steaks had been left out. Anna is still a tiny bit too small for steak, so I was intending to make her a sausage. How thoughtful of Thomas to spend his first 15 minutes after getting in tidying all that! What a help :-) Pudge shouted from the loo Mummy I've done a poo, can you wipe my bum? I went to the bathroom door and said I'd be right with him as soon as I found a pack of babywipes. They are there on the downstairs bathroom shelf in a pile he replied. I put them there when I was putting away the shopping... Pudge put away all the shopping??? In 4 different rooms, on shelves he couldn't reach, perfectly? I asked Thomas. He knew nothing about my shopping! I guess it goes to prove that if you have enough kids, one'll turn out to be perfect eventually!!!

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AnneeApple said...

That's the cutest story ever!!