Friday, January 23, 2009


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Everyone in this house drives me mad! I think I am going to invent DVDs that are a different shape from XBOX and Wii games and CDs.
Pudge has been wanting the movie Ratatouille for ages and this week they were selling it on Play with a free copy of Cars. I ordered it and it turned up this morning, so I decided to put it on as there are a lot of dishes and washing to be done.
I am informed the DVD player has been disconnected to make way for the XBOX since we got that at Xmas, so I try at least 3 buttons before I even manage to make that open - ho hum. Technology doesn't usually faze me but TV just doesn't do it for me.
So I finally get into the XBOX and the DVD of Romeo and Juliet is in the machine. Marcel was watching the DiCaprio version as he needed to read a modern version of it for school and although the movie is modern, the text is an abridged version of the original. Not only was he understanding it, he was even enjoying it! (There's hope in my life when an 11 year old boy watches Shakespeare in the original!)
Anyway, I take that out and go to put it in the DVD box lying beside the XBOX. Of course Fifa09 for XBOX is in the the Shakespeare DVD box, I remove that and open the Fifa box and in there is a wii game, and so on all the way down the line till I even find a CD in one box. Don't these crazy people I live with realize that by saving two seconds by putting the DVD in the wrong box, they are making it impossible to ever find anything again in the entire house? I think an suitable punishment for putting the wrong DVD in a box would be amputation of one or both hands...


Thomas Widmann said...

Why didn't you just put the Shakespeare DVD into the Ratatuille box?!?

Phyl said...


The Scudder said...

I can shed a little light on this for you petal .,., this a double gene whammy you've been landed with I'm afraid ,.,.BOTH your parents suffer from the same syndrome !
You'll simple never be a happy camper until you stop all opening of DVD boxes !!