Sunday, January 11, 2009


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What a weekend! Pudge has been vomiting and burning up since late Thursday so we've been up for hours during the night. Last night while dealing with 3am vomit, Anna started barking like a seal and is also roasting now. It's been pouring with rain and blowing a hurricane. You need wellies to get to the garage. Thomas suggested a trip to town to find something for his sister's birthday. I wondered if amazon might not be a better bet given the circumstances, especially given she'd mentioned a pile of books she fancied but he insisted. Grrrrr. We went to the Argyll Arcade to look at necklaces and then went through the whole place looking at rings instead! After years of jumping through Scottish divorce hoops, I am finally free, so Thomas had decided to buy me a beautiful ring from the most wonderful shop Mr Harold & Son and some flowers and I jumped at the chance to say yes and formalize what has been the situation in all but name for several years now. My mum's already been on asking how long she has to diet(!) and no doubt con my dad out of a new frock - no idea, we haven't thought about any of the other logistics. I should look into it over the next few days... The main thing is I am thrilled, Thomas seems to be too (crazy man seems to want to be landed with wrinkly old me and all my children) and the big kids also seem positive. Marcel was less than pleased at my answer to his query of when the wedding was to be... Not till you've had your hair cut! Charlotte of course simply came out with a dismissive I hope you're making Anna the flower girl. This of course is code for I don't intend to wear a dress to your wedding mother! I don't think Léon knew we weren't married but is looking forward to a nice party anyway. Anyway, watch this space!


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Jamen, tillykke da!

Det bliver spændende at følge forberedelserne til et skotsk/dansk bryllup - med alle de forskelle og ligheder - og kompromiser. :)