Saturday, April 19, 2008


Last week Thomas and I were in the station in Skanderborg in Jutland. In the station there was a waiting room. There didn't seem to be a ticket office however. Outside there was a newsagents which sold magazines, sweets, sandwiches and drinks but had no signs outside mentioning tickets. There didn't seem to be any indicators inside either that you could ask for a return to Copenhagen along with your newspaper and bottle of coke or ice lolly. Given many stations in the UK have been replaced by a ticket machine on the platform, and this is also the case in France, which I know as well as the UK, it would never have occurred to me to even try the newsagents. Had I been travelling alone and unable to speak Danish (as most foreigners visiting Denmark), I would have hunted up and down the platform for a machine in vain and then I probably would have been fined in the train for entering without a ticket. The next day we were in Copenhagen and the same occurred. We needed tickets for the subway. This time there was a small hint, not one I noticed but one Thomas spotted (see the notes if you click on the photo). Again it would never have popped into my head to try to buy tube tickets at the newspaper stand in the local supermarket, rather than in the actual tube station. I imagine Denmark is probably full of foolish foreigners wandering about aimlessly because they are unable to work out where to buy the tickets for any of the public transport systems in the country! :-)

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