Wednesday, April 02, 2008


Blue girl
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I've been playing with my brollies again and though it is great fun, I am slowly coming to the conclusion that I would really, really like a studio - or at the very least a room with dark curtains (instead of no curtains as in my current living room!) and one of those long white roles of vinyl that you can pull from the ceiling to under the kids as a backdrop to the photo: a cream duvet and a basket chair really can't house 4 kids at a time!
Maybe Thomas will build me an extension with a studio in it for my next birthday!
It was interesting to watch the kids reaction to the photoshooting. Charlotte - who is usually more shy than Marcel, rushed for a comb and her favourite T-shirt, where Marcel was less happy to be photographed. He played along for the first 5 minutes but wanted out after that. The babies think being photographed is their purpose in life so they were no problem.
I guess Marcel is reaching that self-conscious phase of early adolescence where he thinks mum isn't so cool.

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